Stefan Thierolf
Sr. Professional Consultant IT Network and Communication at Vibracoustic.
Interrested in IT | Cisco | Network | Linux | Security | Cloud | Automation | DevNet

IT specialist system integration (Fachinformatiker Systemintegration) and work as Sr. Professional Consultant IT Network and Communication. Lived in the United States (New Hampshire) for about five years and moved back to Germany. Like to blog about Information Technology, Network, Linux and Security.

Cisco SSM On-Prem password recovery procedure

For a Cisco Smart Software Manager Test Drive installation I used the older version 8-202010 and I wanted to perform an upgrade to the latest version 8-202108. And of course it is a test drive, I did not save or wrote down the password :). In this document I'm describing how to perform a password recovery for a Cisco SSM On-Prem installation.

Upgrading Netbox to Version 3.0

Yesterday, the version v3.0 of Netbox was released. Modernized WebUI and Off-canvas sidebar. My first impression: Version v3.0 is awesome! Note: Version v3.0.1 was released on 2021-09-01.

Troubleshooting SFP transceivers and Packet captures

In an older blog post I was writing about "Useful Cisco Commands for Troubleshooting cable problems". In this blog post I'm showing an additional, useful command for Fiber Optics troubleshooting and packet capturing on Cisco switches.

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