Website History

I found some "historic versions" of my web site on my storage system which I would like to present here (sorry, no screenshots)...


First contact with the Internet, viewing web sites, writing my first HTML and learning by doing. I remember the german was helpful (and it still is...)


Moved my web site to Xoom (an early dot-com company similar to GeoCities). If I remember correctly they offered 11 MiB of web space while others offered only 10 MiB.

1998 - 2000

My own domain with running my own CGI scripts in Perl. Yep. CGI. Perl. To have at least some "dynamic" functions on my website like guestbook and so on.

2001 - 2003

Got "my" own physical Server (Intel ISP1100) with all freedom. Some buddies and I had a Web Agency running where we had some sites running on that hardware... Well, this was the dot-com phase ;)

2004 - 2016

Rented domain and web space. Moved in 2010? to a virtual server. Just published my GNUPG key and used it as mail server. No time for a website.


Internet became interesting again. Moved again to virtual server and running the GNU/Linux distribution I want. Published new, modern web site which is online now. One other reason is facebook etc. are taking more and more the internet away (i.e. the internet!=facebook, "gated communities" and so on) and therefore my website is a little contribution for the free internet.

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