Blog posts by year 2017

Icebound. Too much snow and ice for me.
2017-12-13 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Travel to Germany
Travel to Germany, returned with some fun stuff
2017-11-06 / Published in blog / [stefan]

WiFicalypse Update
WiFicalypse Update with vendor lists, press statements
2017-10-17 / Published in blog / [stefan]

WiFicalypse, KrackAttack to break WPA version 2
2017-10-16 / Published in blog / [stefan]

WiFi Spectrum Analysis
WiFi Spectrum Analysis with Cisco 3600 Series AP and Outdoor antenna
2017-10-04 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Websites updates
Websites updates, my old website is back online, yeah!
2017-09-14 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Mein privates Cisco Lab
Mein privates Cisco Lab mit Switches, Firewall, Routers, WiFi Controller
2017-09-11 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Rsyslog with MariaDB template
Changing Rsyslog's default template for a MariaDB database
2017-08-27 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Kleinere Website Updates
Kleinere Website Updates in #bookmarks und #braindumps
2017-08-27 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Solar Eclipse 2017 in New Hampshire
Solar Eclipse 2017, Impressionen der Sonnenfinsternis aus New Hampshire, USA
2017-08-21 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Theme and website updates
Theme and website updates and ticket for 34C3
2017-08-14 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Quick overview of the 802.11 standards
A quick overview of the 802.11 standards for Wireless networks
2017-08-14 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Website updates and SHA2017
Website updates and SHA2017 videos on CCC media server
2017-08-09 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Cyber-Feuerwehr and Cyber-System failure
2017-08-08 / Published in blog / [stefan]

CSAchecker, a Cisco Security Advisory checker
2017-08-03 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Convert Cisco 2600 Series Access Point
Short instructions how to convert a Cisco 2600 Series Access Point
2017-07-07 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Common Cisco switch port errors
Overview of common Cisco switch port errors and causes
2017-07-06 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Travel to Mexico
Travel to Mexico: Photos of my trip from Metepec downtown
2017-04-27 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Snow snow snow
Snow snow snow: After Winter Storm Orson
2017-02-14 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Secure Cisco console with AAA
Howto secure the Cisco console with AAA
2017-02-14 / Published in blog / [stefan]

New Cisco switch for my network
New Cisco switch for my network: WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U
2017-02-09 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Move SSH port on Cisco devices
Howto move SSH port on Cisco devices to another port than TCP/22
2017-02-09 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Playing Elite:Dangerous: Welcome KEY-LOH-OSS-CAH-NO-VEM-BER.
2017-02-02 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Updated links and new Alienware laptop
Updated links and new Alienware laptop after my return flight to the US
2017-01-25 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Setup Postfix satellite System
Howto setup Postfix as satellite System (smarthost)
2017-01-25 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Website update mit Flex Box
Website update mit Flex Box, Motto: Vom Hirn ins Terminal seit 1998.
2017-01-24 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Cowsay fortunes mit lolcat
Spass mit der Console: Cowsay fortunes mit lolcat unter Debian Jessie
2017-01-22 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Sicherer Mail server fertig
Sicherer Mail server fertig, mit Crypto und so
2017-01-20 / Published in blog / [stefan]

Neue Website online
Neue Website online (Mal wieder richtige Website anstelle einer Mail-Info)
2017-01-17 / Published in blog / [stefan]

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