Move SSH port on Cisco devices

Table of contents

  1. SSH port
  2. Move SSH port with rotary group

SSH port

Per default Cisco uses for SSH the TCP/22 port (like any other device using SSH). For example it’s easy to setup in openSSH any other TCP port on GNU/Linux, but it’s a bit more complicated for Cisco devices like routers or switches.

Move SSH port with rotary group

A move of the SSH port can be accomplished on Cisco devices with a rotary group and an access list.

    ip ssh port 8022 rotary 1

    ip access-list extended DenySsh22
      deny tcp any any eq 22
      permit ip any any

    line vty 0 15
      rotary 1
      access-class DenySsh22 in

After the rotary ground and access list the SSH login should be verified with the new TCP port 8022. Of course any other TCP port like 22022 can be used.