Alienware laptop hardware replacement

Table of contents

  1. Faulty Alienware 17R4
  2. Replacement Alienware A51M

Faulty Alienware 17R4

After my relocation to Germany last year I realized that my Alienware 17R4 laptop behaves a bit strange.

The laptop got quite warm after 30-60 minutes, depending on work load. Also some keys like “tab”, “e”, “n” and so on stopped to work.

The speaker output became also bad - I expected that this might have something to do with heat development.

I bought PremiumSupport for the laptop, opened a case with Dell and therefore a technician came for hardware replacement.

In total I had three hardware replacement attempts, were main board, keyboard, display (due to WiFi antenna) was replaced, but the old laptop did not power on.

Replacement Alienware A51M

Because the Alienware 17 R4 was not longer available, Dell offered me the new Alienware A51M as complete hardware replacement.

I had to wait some weeks for assembly (got an older Thinkpad T520 for that period, running with GNU/Linux) and finally the A51 arrived last week.

Alienware laptop hardware replacement (A51)