Testing Panduit CBOT24K cabling organizer

Table of contents

  1. Panduit CBOT24K
  2. Cabling result

Panduit CBOT24K

Currently I have Panduits CBOT24K at home for testing. The CBOT24K is a cabling organizing tool for layed cables and patch cables.

It comes with two inserts which have different sizes for 24 cables. After I moved back from the United States to Germany I had to rebuilt my Server- and network cabinet, which I did without any cabling organizing tool. So the challenge was to get a nice, clean cabling for already laid cables.

Cabling result

I think the result speaks for itself.

Panduit CBOT24K

The CBOT24K tool can be found on Panduit’s website http://www.panduit.com/.

Note: some links might be broken there, so a search in the internet with the product code CBOT24K might work.