Cisco DevNet Create 2020

Today, the Cisco DevNet Create 2020 live event took place (Well, the live event is still taking place for AMER, I was participating in the EMEAR sessions).

There were some interesting talks in four different channels, for example about the new DevNet Certifications, APIs, Web hooks, SD-WAN, Automation, Python, and so on.

I think this slide shows what not only developers, but also network engineers should learn in future. We should keep in mind that our infrastructure (switches, routers, …) want to talk to applications and vice versa ;)

Cisco DevNet Create 2020: Screenshot/Slide
Cisco DevNet Create 2020: Screenshot/Slide

I’m doing at the moment netbox, GitLab and Python, so I’m putting Cisco NSO and HashiCorp Terraform on my agenda for a closer look.