Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona

Table of contents

  1. Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 1
  2. Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 2
  3. Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 3
  4. Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 4
  5. Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 5

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 1

I’m at Cisco Live 2020 in Barcelona and Day One started with an eight hour Technical Session about CyberSecurity - A cat and mouse Game, which was really good.

Liked the demonstration how an attacker can penetrate your organization and what products are able to detect and prevent that.

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 1

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 2

Went today in the session It’s Cats vs Rats in the Attack Kill Chain which covered like yesterday Reconnaissance, Exploitation, Command and Control, Privilege Escalation, Lateral Movement, Persistence and Exfiltration.

Afterwards I went to the session Overview of Packet Capturing Tools in Cisco Switches and Routers, which was also good and gave an overview of FnF, SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN, Ethanalyzer, … and packet capturing on Cisco devices. Looks like a new version of Cisco CLI Analyzer is available and I think it’s worth a look.

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 3

Today’s session for me was Automating the Network of Industrial Automation. A lot of automation stuff is going on with Python and my conclusion is that Network Engineers should also get Programming and Software Development skills.

Fun session of today was About Garlic and Onions, Dealing with Anonymizers and Introduction to the Darknet.

Cisco Live 2020, About Garlic and Onions

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 4

I went today in the session Catalyst 9000 Series Access Switching Architecture, which was about the hardware (ASIC, Stacking, …) and software architecture (IOS-XE, QoS, …) of the new 9000 Series Access Switches.

The next session was Resolving Network Faults Faster through Automating Entire Fault Management, which showed the ATM (Automated Fault Management) and uses Syslog messages as data source.

Due to some free time between the sessions I went to the World of Solutions for some products which I am interested in.

Cisco Live 2020, World of Solutions

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 5

Today’s and last session was SD-WAN, deployment strategies, managing and monitoring, which was interesting and gave me some new ideas for some scenarios and use-cases.

Due to the amount of sessions and activities, it’s always a good idea for a break ;)

Cisco Live 2020, Taking a break...