Netbox Login failed after upgrade to version 2.9.0

NetBox released the version 2.9.0 where after the upgrade the login failed with a Server error due to a change in the Authentication backend.

After the upgrade my installation came up with the error screen shown below:

NetBox Login failed after upgrade to version 2.9.0
NetBox Login failed after upgrade to version 2.9.0

The message to check missing required packages and WSGI service not restarted after upgrade might be a bit misleading.

The cause is a change in the Authentication backend, which is addressed now in version 2.9.1.

Some additional information are in Issue #5033.

To fix this issue, the line with REMOTE_AUTH_BACKEND needs to be changed from utilities.auth_backends.RemoteUserBackend to netbox.authentication.RemoteUserBackend in the file

  # Replace this line
  #-->>REMOTE_AUTH_BACKEND = 'utilities.auth_backends.RemoteUserBackend'
  # With this line
  REMOTE_AUTH_BACKEND = 'netbox.authentication.RemoteUserBackend'