Upgrading memory on my XCP-NG hypervisors

I’m running two SuperMicro 1U servers with XCP-NG hypervisor in my lab, I bought those with 32Gb RAM. Because I’m trying out a lot of virtual machines, for example VyOS, Cisco NSO, eventually Docker + Kubernetes in the future, I thought it was time for a memory upgrade.

This is what I’m normally not do as network engineer, but it’s cool to do, so I’m doing it ;)

Memory upgrade

To do the memory upgrade, I’m starting with the first node by shutting down the virtual machines and then shutting down the node itself.

Because all basic services like DHCP, DNS, SQL database and so on are set up with redundancy and failover, I’m not having any critical impact to my lab and home network.

Upgrading server memory
Upgrading server memory

After the memory upgrade on the first node, I’m starting all virtual machines again. Because the first node has enough memory after the upgrade, I’m able to migrate the virtual machines from the second to the first node as shown below.

Hypervisor memory upgrade in progress
Hypervisor memory upgrade in progress

After the upgrade of the second node, I’m just migrating the virtual machines back. Both nodes have now 64Gb instead of 32Gb RAM which should be plenty of memory to run additional virtual machines in my lab.

As a matter of fact, I gave the Cisco NSOVM 16Gb RAM instead of 4Gb ;)

Hardware information

The reason why I have those two servers is because they are half-size and small and fit quite well into a two-post open frame. Also those guys come with four Gigabit Ethernet ports and a KVM/Management port. If you’re interested in a basic hardware specification, please find the details below.

  • Chassis: SuperMicro RI1102H

  • Board: SuperMicro X11SSH-LN4F

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1220@3Ghz Quad-core

  • RAM: 64Gb DDR4-2666 ECC

  • Disk: 1Tb SATAIII

  • Network: 1x KVM, 4x Gb Ethernet

  • System: XCP-NG Hypervisor