Upgrading Netbox to Version 3.0

Yesterday, the version 3.0 of Netbox was released. As stated in the release notes the upgrade must be done from Version 2.11 to version 3.0. Lower versions like 2.10 must be upgraded to version 2.11 first.

Also some additional requirements like Python 3.7 or higher must be met for an successful upgrade.

My Netbox server, running in my private XCP-NG environment, all requirements for an upgrade to version 3.0 were fulfilled. To ensure I can roll back to a working release I just took a snapshot of the virtual machine in XCP-NG management center.

Netbox Upgrade 3.0: VM snapshot in XCP-NG
Netbox Upgrade 3.0: VM snapshot XCP-NG

Before I started the upgrade process of Netbox, I’ve updated the Debian Linux to the latest releases and patches. This can be done with Debian’s apt command:

    apt update && apt upgrade
Netbox Upgrade 3.0: Update and Upgrade of Debian Linux

After the Debian update/upgrade, I started the “standard” upgrade process as described in the Upgrade Netbox documentation.

    cd /opt/netbox
    sudo git checkout master
    sudo git pull origin master
    sudo ./upgrade.sh
    sudo systemctl restart netbox netbox-rq
Netbox Upgrade 3.0: Checkout from gitub, run upgrade script, restart services

The biggest change is the modernized WebUI including a dark mode. The Off-canvas sidebar gives the content and information all the space in the web browser. My first impression: Version 3.0 is awesome!

Netbox Upgrade 3.0: Rack view in new WebUI
Netbox Upgrade 3.0: Rack view in new WebUI


Version v3.0.1 was released on 2021-09-01 which includes bugfixes.

Two configuration parameters were removed with release v3.0.0. To avoid warnings during the ./upgrade.sh script, I simply commented those out in configuration.py.

    # Cache timeout in seconds. Set to 0 to dissable caching. Defaults to 900 (15 min
    #CACHE_TIMEOUT = 900

    # This determines how often the GitHub API is called to check the latest release
    #RELEASE_CHECK_TIMEOUT = 24 * 3600
Netbox Upgrade 3.0: Removed configuration parameters