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Schneider-APCUPS battery replacement

1. Battery runtime calibration

Last year, for an unknown reason, the battery runtime on one of my Schneider-APCUPS dropped the runtime to 1 minute and 7 seconds. Compared to my second UPS, I should have a runtime of about 45 minutes on each of my UPS.

APC Battery Runtime: UPS 1 and UPS 2

My goal is to provide >30 minutes battery runtime for my IT hardware, so a runtime of 1 minute and 7 seconds on one of my UPS is not okay. To exclude any issues with the UPS or battery, I performed the suggested procedure by Schneider-APC as described in How do I perform a Battery Calibration on my Smart-UPS?

However, after two calibration attempts, the battery runtime stayed at about 1 minute. After getting in touch with Schneider-APC support, I received quite fast a replacement battery.

2. Battery replacement

Before the battery replacement I shut down all connected devices and disconnect the UPS from the Input power. Then I turn the UPS off on the LC Display. To remove the battery, the front bezel must be removed first.

APC Battery Replacement: Remove front

The next step is to disconnect the battery plug.

APC Battery Replacement: Disconnect plug

This picture shows the disconnected battery plug.

APC Battery Replacement: Disconnected plug

There are six little screws which must to be removed.

APC Battery Replacement: Remove screws

Then the battery is removed. Attention: The battery is heavy.

APC Battery Replacement: Remove battery

In the next step the replacement battery is inserted. Attention: The battery is heavy.

APC Battery Replacement: Insert replacement battery

Then the six litte screws are tightened again.

APC Battery Replacement: Tighten screws

The battery plug must be reconected to the UPS.

APC Battery Replacement: Connect plug

The front bezel is inserted again.

APC Battery Replacement: Insert front bezel

After connecting the UPS back to it’s input power, the remaining runtime of the battery should be checked.

APC Battery Replacement: Check runtime

Also a self test after the battery replacement should be performed.

APC Battery Replacement: Start self test

3. Setting battery replacement date

Because of the battery replacement the last replacement date should be set in the network management card. This can be done in the network management card at Configuration, UPS, Last Battery Replacement.

APC Battery Replacement: Update Last Battery Replacement date

I would like to shout out a big thanks to Schneider-APC for the excellent, uncomplicated and fast support!