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New fiber optics cables for my network

New fiber optics cables for my network. OM4, LC/LC connectors, 4x1 Gigabit link.

Synology DiskStation to Cisco Core Switch redundant setup with LACP

Configuration of LCAP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) for Synology DiskStation and Cisco Switch.

Schneider-APCUPS battery replacement

Small how-to about Schneider-APC UPS battery replacement and setting replacement date in Network management card.

Elastic-Stack for network engineers (Initial setup)

Switching from traditional log monitoring to Elastic-Stack is like switching from a horse-drawn carriage to the Falcon 9 rocket. Join the journey!

Cisco SSM On-Prem Upgrade procedure

This is another blog post for Cisco SSM On-Prem server where I'm showing the upgrade process.

Cisco ISE admin password lifecycle and reset

Quick notes about Cisco Identity Services Engine password lifetime and admin password reset.

Cisco SSM On-Prem password recovery procedure

For a Cisco Smart Software Manager Test Drive installation I used the older version 8-202010 and I wanted to perform an upgrade to the latest version 8-202108. And of course it is a test drive, I did not save or wrote down the password :). In this document I'm describing how to perform a password recovery for a Cisco SSM On-Prem installation.

Upgrading Netbox to Version 3.0

Yesterday, the version v3.0 of Netbox was released. Modernized WebUI and Off-canvas sidebar. My first impression: Version v3.0 is awesome! Note: Version v3.0.1 was released on 2021-09-01.

Gitlab AD-LDAP Integration

In this blog post I'm showing how to integrate GitLab Server with a Samba-based Active Directory.

Troubleshooting SFP transceivers and Packet captures

In an older blog post I was writing about "Useful Cisco Commands for Troubleshooting cable problems". In this blog post I'm showing an additional, useful commands for Fiber Optics troubleshooting and packet capturing on Cisco switches.