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Articles with the tag: #cisco

NetFlow with Elastic-Stack

This blog post shows how to setup a NetFlow collector with Elastic-Stack, Fleet and Elastic-Agent. NetFlow data is sent by a Cisco ASA Firewall cluster.

Cisco Wireless Intrusion Detection Events to Elastic-Stack

In this blog post I'm showing how to get Wireless Intrusion Detection Events from Cisco's WIDS included in Cisco's Wireless Controllers into an Elastic-Stack.

802.1X Switch port is amber when only IP Phone is connected

When 802.1X (wired) is configured on a 3750G switch, the port LED is amber when only an IP Phone is connected (mab). When connecting on the IP Phone a downstream device like a laptop (dot1x), the port LED goes to green.

Login-Block (DoS and Dict-Attack Protection) in Cisco IOS

Cisco offers a method to protect against DoS (Denial-of-Service) and Dictionary attacks for IOS devices called Login-Block.

Synology DiskStation to Cisco Core Switch redundant setup with LACP

Configuration of LCAP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) for Synology DiskStation and Cisco Switch.

Cisco SSM On-Prem Upgrade procedure

This is another blog post for Cisco SSM On-Prem server where I'm showing the upgrade process.

Cisco ISE admin password lifecycle and reset

Quick notes about Cisco Identity Services Engine password lifetime and admin password reset.

Cisco SSM On-Prem password recovery procedure

For a Cisco Smart Software Manager Test Drive installation I used the older version 8-202010 and I wanted to perform an upgrade to the latest version 8-202108. And of course it is a test drive, I did not save or wrote down the password :). In this document I'm describing how to perform a password recovery for a Cisco SSM On-Prem installation.

Troubleshooting SFP transceivers and Packet captures

In an older blog post I was writing about "Useful Cisco Commands for Troubleshooting cable problems". In this blog post I'm showing an additional, useful command for Fiber Optics troubleshooting and packet capturing on Cisco switches.

Cisco WLC - No secured WebUI after failover switching

Cisco WLC 3504 secured WebUI is not working on Secondary Unit in a failover (SSO) setup. When switched back to the Primary Unit, the secured WebUI is working again. Troubleshooting and solution of this strange behavior.

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