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Integration of Nextbox UI Topology Viewer in Netbox

In this blog post I'm showing how to integrate NextBox UI Plugin into my Netbox installation. NextBox UI Plugin is a topology visualization plugin which is based on Cisco's neXt toolkit.

Most useful tip from Cisco Live 2021

Most useful tip from Cisco Live 2021 and it's implementation

Fritzbox on redundant ASA Firewall

Setup of two redundant Cisco ASA firewalls on a Fritzbox cable modem with Non-routed transfer network to keep the "PC-MAC"/"exposed host" configuration on Fritzbox during ASA failover switching

Cisco Smart Software Manager Test Drive

Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM) On-Prem Test Drive installation, Virtual Machine setup and first steps in the Web UI

Official Cert Guide Cisco Certified DevNet Associate

Official Cert Guide Cisco Certified DevNet Associate DEV ASC 200-901 book available and arrived from the USA to Germany.

Cisco DevNet Create 2020

Some thoughts after the Cisco DevNet Create Live Event

Learning material for network automation

Learning material for network automation with books, videos, podcasts, courses and API, libraries and tools

Why 2.4 GHz WiFi is bad

Cisco CleanAir quality report for 2.4GHz WiFi in my area

Useful Cisco Commands for Troubleshooting cable problems

Useful Cisco Commands for Troubleshooting problematic cabling (Cat.x and Fiber optics).

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day 5

Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona, Day #5 - SD-WAN, deployment strategies, managing and monitoring

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