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Articles with the tag: #linux

Elastic-Stack for network engineers (Initial setup)

Switching from traditional log monitoring to Elastic-Stack is like switching from a horse-drawn carriage to the Falcon 9 rocket. Join the journey!

Debian Unattended upgrades

Automatically install security-related upgrades on Debian Linux with unattended-upgrades

Looking up asset tags in Snipe-IT with QR code

The blog post shows a Python script which can look up an Asset tag in Snipe-IT with a generated QR code

Creating QR code for wireless networks

Creating QR code for wireless networks and a MeCard with Linux

Humble Book Bundle Linux Unix and Bruzzelhuette Hamburg has a nice books bundle of Linux + Unix books by O'Reilly. And a tipp for the best Currywurst: Bruzzelhütte, Hamburg

Connecting to Cisco console with Linux

Connecting to Cisco console with Linux

Cowsay fortunes mit lolcat

Spass mit der Console: Cowsay fortunes mit lolcat unter Debian Jessie