Articles with the tag: #snipe-it

Looking up asset tags in Snipe-IT with QR code

The blog post shows a Python script which can look up an Asset tag in Snipe-IT with a generated QR code

Netbox Custom Links for Snipe-IT and LibreNMS

Python scripts with API calls as Custom Links for Snipe-IT and LibreNMS.

Custom links in Netbox for Snipe-IT Asset Management

Integration of Snipe-IT Asset Management into Netbox DCIM/IPAM as Custom Link with a PHP script and using Snipe-IT API call.

NetBox, Snipe-It and LibreNMS

NetBox, Snipe-It and LibreNMS: Three tools for Data Center Information Management (DCIM), IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Network Monitoring System (NMS).