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Cisco configuration backup with Netbox and Gitlab

This is the first part of a series of blog posts about Cisco configuration backup with Netbox and Gitlab. It covers the connection to the Netbox API and to get the data of network devices with the pynetbox filter function.

Cisco Smart Software Manager Test Drive

Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM) On-Prem Test Drive installation, Virtual Machine setup and first steps in the Web UI

Looking up asset tags in Snipe-IT with QR code

The blog post shows a Python script which can look up an Asset tag in Snipe-IT with a generated QR code

Installing Gitlab on Debian Linux

Installing Gitlab on Debian Linux and connecting with Atom editor

Netbox Login failed after upgrade to version 2.9.0

After an upgrade to the new released version 2.9.0 of NetBox the Login failed with Server Error (Missing required package/WSGI service not restarted after upgrade)

Netbox Custom Links for Snipe-IT and LibreNMS

Python scripts with API calls as Custom Links for Snipe-IT and LibreNMS.

Custom links in Netbox for Snipe-IT Asset Management

Integration of Snipe-IT Asset Management into Netbox DCIM/IPAM as Custom Link with a PHP script and using Snipe-IT API call.

Moving my website to Pelican (Static Site Generator)

Moving my website to Pelican (Static Site Generator) with introduction to my toolchain, tricks for development, pelican-plugins used on my website and design changes and other improvements

Album: XCP-NG Upgrade to 8.1

Screenshots of XCP-NG Upgrade to 8.1

Upgrading XCP-NG Hypervisor from version 7.6 to version 8.1

Upgrading XCP-NG Hypervisor from version 7.6 to 8.1 remotely over VPN connection and KVM. Fixing IPTables and SNMP configuration for monitoring system.

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